In this episode of “Who’s That Drummer?” our featured drummer is Jeff Luciani. He’s currently drumming for The Dears and is a long time friend of mine. Jeff was recently in the studio for a hangout, despite the covid lockdown. It was super fun to hang with a friend, film some fun content for you to enjoy.

In the interview Jeff shares his experiences with music, practicing, food, superpowers and so much more. Learn about Jeff’s musical journey and what he likes to do when he’s in the practice room. After the interview we kept the tradition alive and played the game Who’s That Drummer? In this funny drummer trivia game, Jeff (and you) will listen to a series of 30 second isolated drum tracks from popular songs. Can you guess any of the answers before Jeff does? Let us know in the comments below.

One new element to our show is a special drum solo performance. Jeff shares a short improvised drum solo performance with us. I loved Jeff’s use of textures on the drums in this solo. Check it all out below.

For more information about Jeff Luciani visit: jeffluciani.com

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