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The Most Straight-Forward Beginner Drums Course

Are you just getting started playing the drums? Do you have some experience but are missing fundamental skills like reading notation? If you answer yes to either question, then this beginner drums course is for you. It can be difficult finding learning materials online that are appropriate for beginners. Most of what is available assumes that the viewer can already play the drums and read notation. In this course you will learn a few of the most fundamental skills you need so you can get started on the right track. No previous drumming experience is necessary.


sign up, beginner drums course What You Will Learn

In this beginner drums course you will find lessons in each of the core areas of drumming. We will start by learning about good stick technique, how to hold the sticks, how to strike a drum and how to synchronize with me. You will also learn the basics of musical notation for the drums. This will be a vital skill for you moving forward.

Next, you will learn how to play some simple groove patterns and keep musical time. Learn how to use each type of cymbals and more. Complete this beginner drums course and you will gain the basic skills you need to pursue entry level drum lessons in almost any category.


PDF Worksheets

Some lessons come with PDF worksheets which contain all of the exercises you are required to practice. Download them so that you have a copy offline. Follow the instructions and practice all of the exercises on your own. In some cases only one exercise is played in the play-along videos. You should however, practice every exercise on the PDFs following the same steps as in the lesson videos. Looping play-along videos will enable you to practice with them repeatedly, without having to get up from the drums.

beginner drums course  For an archive of all the lessons and categories available, please visit the Lesson Library.

beginner drums course  Every student is different. Everyone learns at a different pace and puts a different amount of practice into what they are learning. It is difficult to measure the duration of a beginner drum course. Course duration is based on the average number of practice hours needed to complete the course material, assuming you practice for 30 mins 4-6 times a week.


What’s Next?

If you have already learned the absolute basics, you might want to check out my Better At Basics course. It is the follow-up to this beginner drums course and contains more beginner material to enhance your drumming vocabulary.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn 8 fundamental groove patterns
  • How to count and keep time
  • Basic technique with your sticks
  • How to read notation for the drums
  • How to play with basic musical structure
  • Learn 12 basic must-know drum fills

Course Content

Basic Stick Technique
In the next few lessons you will learn about basic stick technique. We'll start with how to hold the drumsticks and how to play a drum with them the correct way. Hint: It's not about hitting and bashing. I'll show you some basic exercises that you can practice on the Snare Drum, a practice pad or even a tabletop! There are two play-along videos for you to practice with me! Hit the "Next" button below to proceed.

  • Basic Stick Technique
  • Play-Along #1: Single Strokes
  • Play-Along #2: Double Strokes

Reading Music For The Drums
Learn the basics of reading musical notation for the drums. Watch the videos then take the quiz.

1/8th Note Backbeat
Keeping time is the fundamental objective of a drummer. The 1/8th note backbeat is one of the most common patterns to play.

Basic Grooves #1
4 basic, must-know groove patterns using an 1/8th note backbeat.

Basic Grooves #2
The grooves on this lesson feature Bass Drum rhythms that are played off-beat.

Crash Cymbal Basics
The Crash Cymbal is used mostly to accentuate a moment in the music. The first thing we must do is learn how to crash on beat 1 without disrupting your groove pattern or your counting. You will learn how to play the Crash Cymbal with the four groove patterns you have learned, while keeping steady and consistent time.

Basic Drum Fills
Drum fills are an interesting category to study. These rhythms are played as transitions away from the groove pattern. You will learn how to integrate 6 simple drum fill with your groove patterns in a simple musical exercise.

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