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1/16th Note Accents #1

1/16th Note Accents #1

Accents are all about controlling your upstrokes. Learn some easy exercises with 1/16th note accents. All the accents in this lesson are played on the beat.

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Recent Reviews

Engaging, well organized instruction

Rated 5.0 out of 5
Sep 11/2023

My 13 year old son has been taking lessons with Kevin for about a year and loves the combination of having an instructor who is well prepared for lessons, with a particular goal in mind for each lesson, and who is willing to work with him to play the music he likes best. My son really wanted to learn a song by a particular band, so Kevin found one that was at the right level and taught the skills my son next needed to learn for the next lesson.

Kevin sends a video of the lesson afterwards so his students can relook at what they are learning in case they forgot or are finding something challenging. My son hadn’t used that perk much until Kevin started teaching him songs from his preferred band. My son did end up rewatching parts of the video after that so that he could get through difficult sections.

You can’t get much better than an instructor who is BOTH engaging and well-organized/goal oriented. I highly recommend SimpleDrummer.

Avatar for Kendra LaRoche
Kendra LaRoche

Best way to learn!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
Apr 20/2023

I’m a beginner (never played any music instruments in the past) and Kevin has been phenomenal for my virtual learning process. I’ve taken lessons with couple of other instructors (for about 8 months prior to starting with Kevin) and there are a plenty of times I felt like I’m not seeing the path forward, or come out of the class confused and more frustrated. With Kevin that’s not the case; he has a good structure in place and helps to build on top of each lesson (like building blocks). He also records and sends you videos of the lessons if you take his 60 min class, which helps me with the review process when I practice offline and I can go back to the video to watch and relearn.

Kevin is multiple time zones away from me and yet I have the flexibility to schedule time that works for me and learn when I want to learn. There is NO pressure to meet every week or take x number of lessons or you loose your money etc., When you are ready to take a lesson, you simply schedule with him 48 hours ahead and pay online on his website. Then you Join the online class at the scheduled time. It’s that easy!

I highly recommend Kevin for your drum lessons regardless of your skill level.

Avatar for Vish
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