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This is an intermediate drum pdf therefore, as a result it is a great drum pdf for any new drummers looking for an intermediate drum pdf as well as a guide. Considering that, it is the best intermediate drum pdf. In addition to that, it makes a great guide for students as well as teachers.

This is the second book in the best drum pdf series for beginners. it is suitable for beginners as well as experienced drummers. Learn the notation as you go through this drum pdf.

This book was designed for students to easily progress from one lesson to the next without feeling overwhelmed. In addition to that, it makes a great guide for teachers as well as instructors. Anyone interested in a beginner drum book that goes beyond the basics should check this out.

Level 2 – PDF


Level 2 Drum PDF

A good, reliable drummer needs a complete vocabulary of rhythms, a steady sense of time and a listening ear. There are many things to learn and explore but understanding what to practice and how to practice it is incredibly important. This drum pdf is a continuation of the Level 1 book from You will learn a new vocabulary of grooves, drum fills and other exercises that build upon the basics of drumming. These are some of the skills you will learn by working through the exercises in this drum pdf:

  • Learn more rudiments and techniques
  • Increase your vocabulary of grooves and drum fills
  • Understand how to play with dynamics
  • Improve your notation reading for the drums
  • Get more skills you need to play music

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