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The best jazz drumming book for beginners. No other jazz drumming book breaks down the style of jazz drumming in such a clear and concise way. Therefore it is suitable for beginners as well as experienced drummers. Learn the notation as you go.

This book was designed for students to easily progress from one lesson to the next without feeling overwhelmed. In addition to that, it makes a great guide for teachers as well as instructors. Anyone interested in a jazz drumming book for beginners should check this out.

Jazz Drumming Level 1 – Book


Jazz is a fun and challenging style of music to play on the drums. There are some basic skills you will need to learn if you want to dive into the world of jazz drumming. This book contains the first 15 lessons in this category. Each lesson gives you a complete understanding of rhythms, the notation and how to play them on the drums. The book is 9" x 12" with large notation which makes it easy to read when practicing.

Learn how to play with triplet time and sticking. You will develop a basic vocabulary of comping rhythms and you will learn how to improvise and play them musically. In addition to jazz, you will also learn some basic latin rhythms. Learn how to play various song forms and grow your repertoire of standard jazz tunes. This book is the best guide for beginner in jazz drumming. It is designed for beginner drummers as well as drum teachers who want a tried and true curriculum that works. This book makes a great addition to any drum teacher's library.

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