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Developing Drum Fills Course

Drum fills are one of the most fun areas of drumming to study and practice. There’s nothing quite like a well timed and executed drum fill. They can be simple or incredibly challenging depending on the drummer’s sense of time and vocabulary of rhythms. Drummers often struggle with keeping accurate time when they play fills. This applies to both beginners and experienced drummers. Some have a hard time being creative and get stuck with the same 3 or 4 fills they know how to play well.

The Developing Drum Fills course is designed to change that for you. There will be a strong emphasis on timing as well as how to connect groove patterns and fills. Learn how to play fills starting on any beat in the bar while keeping good musical time. Along with a solid vocabulary of over 50 drum fills, you will lay a solid and effective foundation to expand your knowledge in the future. You must however, already have some basic skills in place like reading notation and synchronizing with the play-alongs. If you are a complete beginner at the very start of your drumming journey, I would recommend that you complete the Simple Basics course first. You will learn 12 basic fills in that course, along with all the other skills you get.

Topics for this course

63 Lessons30h

1/8th Note Fills #1 Full Bar Fills

Learn how to play a simple 1/8th note drum fill at the end of a musical phrase and keep accurate timing. All of the fills will be one full bar in length. You will learn how to count and keep time during fills, isolate trickier fills and recover from mistakes without losing time.
Practicing Fills With Timing00:02:13
Slow Play-Along: Drum Fill Loop00:01:00
Playing Fills In A Musical Way00:01:32
Slow Play-Along #1: 4-Bar Phrase00:01:22
Fast Play-Along #1: 4-Bar Phrase00:01:17
Improvising and Trading Fills00:01:45
Slow Play-Along #2: Trading Fills00:02:05
Fast Play-Along #2: Trading Fills00:02:07

1/8th Note Fills #2: Three Beat Fills

Fills are more often shorter than a full bar of music. It's important for you to develop the ability to play drum fills that are shorter and still maintain timing overall. You will be developing your ability to play a drum fill that starts on beat 2. That makes each fill 3 beats long.

1/8th Note Fills #3: Two and Single Beat Fills

You may not think it, but short fills that are half a bar or less are often more challenging then longer fills. This is because you have less recovery time if you make a mistake. You will learn 12 two and single beat fills in this section. Learn how to connect it to a groove pattern and keep good time.

1/8th Note Fills #4: Cycle Of Fills

This section reviews everything you've learned about 1/8th note drum fills in two exercises. Learn to play a groove and jump into fills on any beat.

1/8th Note Fills #5: Fills With Rests

The drum fills in this lesson will all have one missing note. This interrupts the steady single strokes and forces you to pay closer attention to your sticking. Learn all 16 fills on the PDF.

Independence #1

We will build on what you learned in the last lesson. We will play 1/8th note fills with rests, only this time, we'll fill the rests with the Bass Drum. This is likely your first time playing drum fills that include the Kick.

Material Includes

  • N 6 PDFs
  • N 40 Play-along Videos

Course Benefits

  • N The Developing Drum Fills course covers all the fundamental aspects of playing drum fills. You will learn a full vocabulary of 1/8th note drum fills as well as your timing when playing drum fills.


  • N You must already have some basic skills in place like reading notation and the ability to play and synchronize with the play-along videos.

Target Audience

  • N Beginner drummers and experienced drummers who want to improve their fundamentals.

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