Intro To Jazz Drumming

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The Best Intro To Jazz Drumming Course Online

Jazz is an exciting form of music that is fun as well as challenging to learn on the drums. If you are looking to discover the basics of jazz drumming, then you are in the right place. The intro to jazz drumming course is designed to give beginner to intermediate level drummers an entry point into jazz music on the drums.

This intro to jazz course will give you get you started with the fundamentals. You will learn about time-keeping and swing on the cymbals, comping, triplets, improvisation and even some basic drum soloing ideas. Perfect for any drummer with little to no experience playing jazz music on the drums. You must however, already have some basic skills in place like reading notation and synchronizing with the play-alongs. If you are a complete beginner at the very start of your drumming journey, I would recommend that you complete the Simple Basics course first.


Topics for this course

65 Lessons30h

Keeping Time & Comping

Learn how to keep time with the cymbals and use the drums for "comping" simple 1/4 note rhythms.
Keeping Time On The Cymbals00:03:56
Play-Along: Ride Cymbal00:02:19
Exercises For The Snare00:01:38
Slow Play-Along #1: Snare00:01:53
Fast Play-Along #1: Snare00:01:17
Exercises For The Bass Drum00:02:05
Slow Play-Along #2: Bass Drum00:01:17
Fast Play-Along #2: Bass Drum00:01:52
Applying Rhythms To Phrases00:02:35
Slow Play-Along #3: Phrases00:02:24
Fast Play-Along #3: Phrases00:01:52

Understanding Triplets

Learn more about the triplet rhythm and how to play basic exercises on the snare drum.

Comping Offbeat Rhythms

In this module you will learn how to play offbeats. These are the other notes within the triplet rhythm, between your 1/4 notes. You will learn how to keep 1/4 note time on the cymbals and "comp" offbeats with your drums.

Improvisation & Trading 4’s

Using the offbeat rhythms you learned in the previous module, we will begin exploring improvisation. You will practice "trading" 4 bars with me.

Swing Rhythm and Feel

Now that you understand the basics of jazz drumming, you will go beyond simple 1/4 notes on the Ride Cymbal. You will now keep time with a swing feel on the cymbals.

1/4 Comping With Swing

You will now play a swing pattern on the cymbals and "comp" 1/4 rhythms for the Snare and Bass Drums. The objective is to strengthen your swing and make it more consistent.

Offbeat Comping With Swing

Learn how to comp offbeat rhythms on the Snare and Bass drum with a swing time feel on the cymbals.

Intro To Drum Soloing

In this module you will learn simple triplet rhythms to improvise and play short solo phrases.

Material Includes

  • N 7 PDF Downloads
  • N 42 Play-Along Videos

Course Benefits

  • N - Understanding of triplets
  • N - How a drummer keeps time
  • N - Learn how to use the drums for comping
  • N - A simple approach to drum soloing
  • N - Basic understanding of improvisation on the drums


  • N You must already have at least a basic understanding of how to read notation for the drums.

Target Audience

  • N Beginner to intermediate drummers.

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