1/16th Note Groove Review: “Ah” Mixed

Welcome back drummers! I’m sure you’ll agree that these 1/16th note grooves you’ve been learning are fun to practice and grooves that we hear in music all the time. Let’s finish up our study of the last 1/16th note, the “ah” with a 1/16th note groove review. We’ve played grooves with this rhythm in the Snare Drum as well as in the Bass Drum. Now we’re about to combine what we’ve learned. The groove patterns in this lesson feature these rhythms on both the Bass Drum AND the Snare. This means that there is now coordination for your left hand as well as your foot on the Bass Drum against steady 1/8th notes on the cymbals.

We’ll try the first groove together so that I can show you the steps to take when practicing the material. Then I’ll show you an interesting exercise where we’ll play these groove patterns as variations to their basic counterparts. This is a fun and new way to practice grooves like this to help you further internalize them and make them a part of your musical playing. Enjoy!


Download the PDF: 1/16th Note Grooves #3

There are a total of 12 groove patterns to learn on the PDF. The first three are covered in the lesson videos. Once you’ve practiced them with me, you will have everything you need to learn the remaining 9 groove patterns. Mastering this 1/16th note groove review will give you a pretty solid foundation of this particular 1/16th note applied to groove patterns.

  • PDF Exercise #1: The last 1/16th note of beat 3 (3"ah") on the Bass Drum, and the 4"ah" on the Snare Drum. All 1/16th notes are played between the 1/8th notes on the Hi-Hats.

  • PDF #1 2-bar Variation Exercise. Remove all 1/16th notes from the exercise to see the basic groove it is built upon (see below example). Play the basic groove in 1st bar (or for 3 bars), then play the PDF exercise as a 1/16th note variation in 2nd bar (or bar 4).

The recommended tempo range is 50 and 120
Tempo: 50 bpm

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