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My First Drum Lesson

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My First Drum Lesson

Are you just getting started playing the drums? Do you have a little experience but are missing fundamental skills like reading notation and keeping rhythm? If you answer yes to either question, then this absolute beginner drums course is for you. Welcome to the best “first drum lesson” to get you started the right way.

This is essentially what I teach in a first drum lesson to anyone who is just getting started. I want you to learn get started in the best way possible. That’s why I’ve made this course free to everyone. No previous drumming experience is necessary.

It can be difficult finding free drum lessons for beginners online. Most of what is available assumes that you can already play the drums and read notation. Many “first drum lesson” videos are either too easy or don’t cover the fundamentals you need to know. In this first drum lesson course you will learn a few of the most fundamental skills you need so you can learn how to play drums step-by-step and get started on the right track.


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What’s Next After This First Drum Lesson?

When you have finished this first drum lesson course, you might be interested in my Simple Basics course. It goes beyond this course and contains more beginner material to enhance your drumming foundation and vocabulary.

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What Will You Learn?

  • How to hold the sticks and play a drum with good technique.
  • How to practice basic stick exercises.
  • Learn to read musical notation for the drums.
  • Know how to keep time and rhythm.
  • What an 1/8th note backbeat is and how to play it.
  • Your first beat patterns with the Bass Drum.

Course Content

Pick Up Sticks!
In the next few lessons you will learn about basic stick technique. We'll start with how to hold the drumsticks and how to play a drum with them the correct way. Hint: It's not about hitting and bashing. I'll show you some basic exercises that you can practice on the Snare Drum, a practice pad or even a tabletop! There are two play-along videos for you to practice with me!

  • Basic Stick Technique
  • Play-Along #1: Single Strokes
  • Play-Along #2: Double Strokes

Reading Music For The Drums
In the next few lessons you sill learn some basic reading skills including simple notation for the drums.

Meet The Backbeat!
This is one of the most important lessons that every beginner drummer should start with. You will learn what a backbeat is and how we keep musical time. We'll play it on the Hi-Hats at a slow tempo and you can practice with me in the play-along videos.

Backbeat On The Ride
Now let's try playing the 1/8th note backbeat you learned on the Ride Cymbal. What you're playing is the same but special attention is needed when playing on the Ride Cymbal.

Introducing The Bass Drum
Now that you have learned what the backbeat is, let's add our foot, on the Bass Drum pedal. We'll start by adding it on beat 1. Your sticks will play the backbeat pattern that you have learned with the Snare Drum on beats 2 and 4. Watch the video, then practice it on the Hi-Hats with me in the play-along video. When you've learned it, try playing the same beat pattern using your Ride Cymbal instead.

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